Mise en page du numéro 41 et 42 du Double Magazine en collaboration avec Siloé Nouyrit, sous la direction de Fabrice Paineau, Carina Frey et Stefanie Barth.

Design of issue 41 & 42 of Double Magazine in collaboration with Siloé Nouyrit, edited by Fabrice Paineau, Carina Frey and Stefanie Barth.

♀ about the font : Authentic Sans 60, 90, 130, 150 by Christina Janus and Desmond Wong is a typeface intended for situations where Oriya Sangam MN seems too sophisticated and LiHei Pro too vulgar, or vice versa. Authentic Sans explores the semiotic and aesthetic idiosyncrasies of the anonymous Latin glyphs included with CJK system fonts; the typeface aims to subvert the Eurocentric standards of typographic quality and refinement.